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Energy Crisis in Kerela

The state of Kerala is 'reeling under severe power shortage' according to the state electricity board. Apart from imposing 30 minutes of load shedding during evening peak hours, the board has now slapped 25% power cut on industries. It has recommended imposing heavy thermal surcharge on all consumers using more than 40 units per month.

Kerala does not have sufficient line to bring power from other states. If Koodankulam project is commissioned, the state would be eligible for 100 megawatt but the 400 kv line for transmission is yet to be completed. The line has been laid only from Keezhillam to Thrissur. The laying of the line through the rubber plantation of Kottayam, Pathanamthitta districts has been put off. The main challenge is to acquire land for 44 meters width.

The state energy conservation centre has submitted a report which says that these two electrical appliances consume generous amount of electricity and for inverters, it is even worse, since it has to use double the power it actually produces.

The state has about 15 lakh inverters and induction cookers. Induction cookers need one unit of electricity to work for 1 hour and inverters consume 2 units of power to produce one unit. Per day, induction cookers all over the state use 100 MW and the dependence of such cookers is a recent trend in the state. If their use is not curbed, the state would face the worst of its crises.

The move is a blow to Malayali households, which found induction cookers a fine alternative to gas cookers as the number of subsidised gas cylinders were cut down recently. The government had recently dropped its plan to impose high tax on induction cookers due to mass protests. However, the electricity board is going for fresh measures, including imposing load sheddings in the mornings, from 5 am to 9.30 pm, during which these cookers are mostly used. Frequent power failures are likely to affect tens of thousands of students who are preparing for examinations during the coming months. Many students fear of power interruptions – thus ending up studying without electricity during nights.

Kerala's flagship hydel project, the Idukki dam has seen its water level going down to a historic low. Water level in the dam was at 2,321 feet earlier this week, and power generation will have to be stopped if the water level dips further to 2,280 feet, facing closure. However, the state has to wait for the season's first rainfall which is expected arrives in the first week of June. Adding to Kerala's power generation woes, the Kayamkulam thermal power station is also facing closure owing to shortage of water. Reports indicate that the plant may be closed shortly because the salinity level in the Achankovil River which is the source of water supply for the plant has gone up.

Electricity generation is not increasing proportionally with the demand. To meet this, a loss of Rs 200 crore is suffered by the government a month. During the peak hours; from 6 pm to 10 pm; supply is met by buying electricity at exorbitant rates.

Even you have enough money to pay any tariff to Electricity Board, they are not in a position to provide you sufficient power ……what will you do?

Solution for Energy Crisis

As our natural resources set to decline in the years to come, its important for the whole world to move towards renewable sources. The main benefit of solar energy that it can be easily deployed by both home and business users as it does not require any huge set up like in case of wind and geothermal power stations. Solar energy not only benefits individual owners, but also benefit environment as well.

Solar energy or the sun's energy is one of the most popular green energy available now. The sunlight is a natural resource that we should utilize to solve the energy crisis nowadays. The sun delivers heat and light as well as energy to sustain every living being's stay on this globe.

No Pollution

Solar energy is non-polluting, clean, reliable and renewable source of electricity. It does not pollute the air by releasing harmful gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and sulphur oxide. Solar energy does not require and fuel and thus avoid the problems of transportation of fuel or the storage of radio active sub products.

Long Lasting Solar Cells

Solar cells make no noise at all and there are no moving parts in solar cells which makes them long lasting and require very little maintenance. Solar energy provides cost effective solutions to energy problems where there is no electricity at all.

Renewable Source

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy and will continue to produce electricity as long as sun exists. Although solar energy can not be produce during night and cloudy days but it can be used again and again during day time. Solar energy from sun is consistent and constant power source and can be used to harness power in remote locations.

Low Maintenance

Solar cells generally doesn't require any maintenance and run for long time. More solar panels can be added from time to time when needed. Although, solar panels have initial cost but there are no recurring costs. Initial cost that is incurred once can be recovered in the long run. Apart from this, solar panels does not create any noise and does not release offensive smell.

We have 300 sunny days out of a year. We are wasting that opportunity. Still we are using hydro electricity to install Air conditioner to reduce the effect of sun. What an irony! Only think about European countries, they have very less sunny days, still trying to implement solar panel. Solar panels come with warranty of 30 years and it can be fixed over any homes.

Here we offer you a most affordable solar energy system for your sweet home...

Solar PCU Package

System Capacity Model Photovoiltaic Panel Power Conditioning Unit Battery
1KVA1KVA Stellar 250*4 1 KVA 180AH TT* 2
Stellar Plus 250*4 1 KVA 180 AH TT*4
2KVA1KVA Stellar 250*8 2 KVA 180 AH TT*4
Stellar Plus 250*8 2KVA 180 AH TT *8
3KVA1KVA Stellar 250*12 3KVA 180 AH TT *8
Stellar Plus 250*12 3KVA 180 AH TT *16