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620 million without power: India's energy crisis as grids collapse

India's energy crisis cascaded over half the country on Tuesday when three of its regional grids collapsed, leaving 620 million people without government-supplied electricity for several hours in, by far, the world's biggest blackout.

Hundreds of trains stalled across the country and traffic lights went out, causing widespread traffic jams in New Delhi. Electric crematoria stopped operating, some with bodies half burnt, power officials said. Emergency workers rushed generators to coal mines to rescue miners trapped underground. [Read More...]

'Solar energy can solve energy crisis in Kerala'

By Express News Service - KOCHI
05th January 2013 10:33 AM

There is plenty of scope for the generation of solar energy in the state through the grid feed-in-tariff (FIT). Every house or organisation can generate solar energy and supply it to the state electricity board grid and make income by becoming energy producers. This will also help overcome the energy crisis in the state. The venture is a success in Germany, Spain, Italy and other European nations, said Ravindranathan Thampi, solar energy expert and professor, solar energy, University College Dublin, Ireland. He was speaking on the sidelines of the ongoing international conference on Optoelectronic Materials and Thin Films for Advanced Technology, organised by the Cochin University of Science at Technology.

It is simple and does not require huge investment, signing of MoUs or other complex procedures. People who are interested in investing can easily generate solar energy if they have a small roof or wall with the right inclination and with exposure to sunlight for long hours. The power generated can be fed to the grid, while the production and consumption can be monitored by an electronic meter. It is cheap and easy to install, but there needs to be a guarantee from KSEB that they pay the bills on time. Energy can be generated in small quantities. "There are so many homes, especially NRI homes, that are locked and uninhabited for most part of the year which which is ideal for FIT. We need working models that are simple and effective. It would cost `7 per unit as against the `12 per unit of Kayamkulam plant. Moreover, it would be free from transmission loss," said Ravindranathan. This will create employment as entrepreneurs can take up the project and hands are required to fit the gadgets and other procedures.